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Funny Creek

Lilly is inside her favorite cartoon for a thrilling adventure that will change her life.

Running from a terrible trauma at home, Lilly magically falls inside her favorite cartoon show. But the bright world of Funny Creek isn’t as far from the pains of the real world as she had hoped. A thrilling adventure ensues where Lilly must overcome her troubles and make her way home.

Story by Rafael Scavone and Rafael Albuquerque

Script by Rafael Scavone

Art by Eduardo Medeiros

Colors by Priscilla Tramontano

Lettering by Bernardo Brice

Covers by Eduardo Medeiros and Rafael Albuquerque

Edited by Bis Stringer Horne

July 2020


ComiXology, Stout Club


Funny Creek is wonderful cartooning with a wild energy that’s addictive. And best of all it remembers to be fun, something so many modern comics forget to be. I loved it!

Jeff Lemire

Reading Funny Creek is like finding a cockroach in your bowl of Fruit Loops; its vibrant, fun veneer masks something truly sinister just below the surface.

Karl Kerschl

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